"I had the sincere pleasure of working with Sean as a client of mine this year and above all, I was impressed with Sean’s perseverance, strength, positivity and his open-mind. Sean has a grit that I have not seen before. Seeing him grow and have so many “a-ha” moments was incredibly moving for me. I can honestly say that he has embraced and learned from his story and at the same time, he has found the courage to create a brand new story. With all that Sean has experienced, he is finding what true happiness means on his own terms and is taking a stand to spread the word and share with others how to be in the driver’s seat so that they find happiness and freedom in their own life. I cannot think of a better person to share first hand and bring an awareness and educate others about mental illness and health. Anyone would value greatly from hearing Sean speak and will walk away with a new leash on life."

- Amy Tisi, Healthy Living Coach

“Being vulnerable is the only the way to allow my heart to feel true pleasure that’s so real it scares you”  -Bob Marley

“Being vulnerable is the only the way to allow my heart to feel true pleasure that’s so real it scares you”

-Bob Marley

“The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is”

-Jim Carrey

”Lately, I have been inspired to unchain the tight control I’ve maintained over my emotions and let them run free. It was in observing Sean Adam make a transition from holding back to opening up, as a man in touch with all of his emotions and unashamed to share his experience, that gave me the example I needed to do the same. As men, we are forced by society to be held to a standard that causes us to bury our feelings, maintaining some sort of stoic facade that keeps half of our true selves trapped. Sean is a great example of how men can remain manly while also showing vulnerability and compassion, allowing us to live with more integrity.  Thank you, Sean, for having the courage to bare your soul in public and allow the world to see all of you, not just a fake smile hiding the tears and scars. Please continue to share your story with men all over the world.”

-Matt Randall

Matt Randall Business Coaching 

“Sean Adam was a guest speaker at Unity of the Seacoast, where I am a member. His story had all who were in the audience mesmerized by his honesty and struggles with various mental illnesses he had been and continues to experience on this journey. He is funny, and holds nothing back, when it comes to his journey in life. He is well spoken and spiritual. You will instantly know where he is coming from with his openness and kind heart. His mission is to share with the world that you can get through a mental illness by believing, and sharing his experience, strength and hope with others, providing tools he has used to heal and move forward, as he continues to do. It was such an honor to meet this young man, and I felt an immediate connection. Whenever he is sharing his story, I highly recommend to attend.”

Sean has been invited back to be our guest speaker on November 25th at Unity of the Seacoast in Dover, NH.

"Back by popular demand"  

- Bonnie Fladeland